What is another word for describe?

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Describing is an important element of writing and communication. There are several synonyms for the word describe. Explaining, portraying, narrating, illustrating, sharing, relating, expressing, articulating, depicting and detailing are some of those synonyms that can convey the same meaning. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation, but they all describe the act of painting a picture with words. The choice of a particular word depends on the context of the sentence and the objective of communication. The use of synonyms can make writing diverse, engaging and meaningful. It is helpful to expand one's vocabulary to enhance one's writing and speaking skills.

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    The verb "describe" is to give a full, accurate account of something. A person can describe the color of a room, the sound of a noise, or the temperature of a room. Often, when someone describes something, they will use adjectives to describe the qualities of that thing. For instance, a person might say that a room is "bright," "calm," or "hot.

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