What is another word for tonality?

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[ tə͡ʊnˈalɪti], [ tə‍ʊnˈalɪti], [ t_əʊ_n_ˈa_l_ɪ_t_i]

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    Tonality refers to the western classical and popular conception of melody, harmony, and rhythm as opposed to their eastern counterparts. Western tonality typically values harmonic progressions over melodic progressions, uses dissonance intentionally to create a sense of excitement and tension in the listener, and aims to evoke an emotional response in the listener. Eastern tonality, by contrast, typically values melodic progressions over harmonic progressions, avoids dissonance as much as possible, and aims to evoke a sense of serenity in the listener. Tonality is also an important concept in music theory, used in both analytical and creative pursuits.

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