What is another word for coloratura soprano?

Pronunciation: [kˈʌləɹˌat͡ʃəɹə səpɹˈɑːnə͡ʊ] (IPA)

Coloratura soprano is a type of soprano voice that is characterized by the ability to sing complex and fast-moving passages with agility, precision, and clarity. Some synonyms for coloratura soprano include coloratura, soubrette, lyric coloratura, and light soprano. These terms refer to singers who are capable of producing a high, agile, and bright sound that can navigate through intricate vocal runs and trills. Coloratura sopranos are often featured in operatic and choral works and are known for their dazzling vocal pyrotechnics and impressive range. Other synonyms for this type of voice include high soprano, flexible soprano, and agile soprano.

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