What is another word for mezzo?

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Mezzo is a musical term used to describe a vocal range or dynamic level between soprano and alto or a moderate volume. Synonyms for mezzo include middle, intermediate, midway, moderate, and half. In the context of music, mezzo can also be substituted with phrases such as "middle register" or "moderately loud." Moreover, in Latin, mezzo translates to "half" or "medium," and thus, words like medium, moderate, halfway, or median can also be used as synonyms for mezzo. In summary, whether used in a musical or non-musical context, there are numerous synonyms for the term mezzo that one can deploy to convey the intended meaning.

How to use "Mezzo" in context?

A mezzo is an opera or concert work in the middle of one of the two divisions of the orchestral repertoire, between a grand opera and a light opera. The term is derived from the Italian words for "middle" and "half".

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