What is another word for contralto?

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[ kəntɹˈaltə͡ʊ], [ kəntɹˈaltə‍ʊ], [ k_ə_n_t_ɹ_ˈa_l_t_əʊ]

A contralto is a musical term used to describe a female singer with a low, rich, and resonant voice. There are various synonyms for the word contralto such as alto, mezzo-soprano, and low-pitched female voice. The term alto is a very common synonym for contralto and is often used by choristers when describing the female vocal range. Mezzo-soprano is also frequently used as a synonym for contralto as it describes a female voice that ranges from the lower notes of a soprano to the higher notes of an alto. Other synonyms for contralto include deep voice, dark voice, powerful voice, and low register. Overall, there are multiple synonyms for the word contralto, each describing the same type of female singing voice.

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    Contralto is a musical term used to describe the lowest female singing voice. Its antonyms are soprano, mezzo-soprano, and alto. Soprano is the highest female voice, while mezzo-soprano is a vocal range between soprano and contralto. Alto, on the other hand, is the second-lowest female voice, commonly referred to as a low female voice. These antonyms are essential in musical performances, as they allow for a diversity of vocal registers and contribute to a balanced sound. A choir or vocal group with multiple voice types can create a harmonious blend of contrasting timbres, resulting in a rich and dynamic musical experience.

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    Usage examples for Contralto

    Such an one was the Pisaroni, a celebrated contralto, said to have been so ill-favoured that she always forwarded her likeness to any opera director to whom she was personally unknown, who offered her an engagement.
    "Style in Singing"
    W. E. Haslam
    It was she who told him his was "a man's work" in a low contralto voice with a thrill in it.
    William McFee
    She had gone into the bedroom that night, and I had heard her moving about; and then there had stolen out low contralto notes that might have belonged to somebody else, so new were they to me....
    "The Debit Account"
    Oliver Onions

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