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A diva is a term typically used to describe a female performer or celebrity with a highly demanding temperament and an exceptional talent. Some synonyms for the word diva include "prima donna," "goddess," "star," "queen," and "icon." Each of these words conveys a sense of superiority and grandeur, suggesting that the individual referred to is a standout talent with an attitude to match. Certain synonyms may also be used to describe divas in specific domains, such as "opera singer" for a diva in the world of classical music or "leading lady" for a female diva in film or theater. Overall, synonyms for diva emphasize the impressive nature of the individual embodying this title.

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Usage examples for Diva

All happiness dwells more in the hope than the possession; and at that moment I dare be sworn that Uncle Jack felt a livelier rapture circum proecordia, warming his entrails, and diffusing throughout his whole frame of five feet eight the prophetic glow of the Magna diva Moneta, than if he had enjoyed for ten years the actual possession of King Croesus's privy purse.
"The Caxtons, Part 2"
Edward Bulwer-Lytton
When a rapt audience has encored 'Fra Poco' Or 'Casta diva,' I have heard that then The Prima Donna, smiling herself out, Recruits her flagging powers with bottled stout.
"Verses and Translations"
C. S. C.
In the first place, people know that you are thought to be the best amateur singer in Paris-'La diva du Monde'-besides being a favorite in Parisian society, and that you have not only a beautiful voice, but also that you have beautiful toilettes.
"In the Courts of Memory 1858-1875."
L. de Hegermann-Lindencrone

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