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The word "basso" is used commonly to refer to the lowest range of male voices in operatic music. There are several synonyms for the term "basso" which are useful for describing vocal ranges and types. One common synonym is "bass," which many people may recognize from popular music genres like rock and jazz. Other synonyms for the word "basso" include bass-baritone, basso profundo, and basso cantante, which identify slightly different vocal ranges. While these terms may indicate varying levels of depth or resonance in the voice, they all refer to low-pitched male singing voices that bring richness and depth to any musical composition.

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Usage examples for Basso

"Drop your weapons and show your hands," came a basso voice over a megaphone.
Thomas Hoover
Linde had mentioned some great lake, of which he knew only from narratives, and Kali contended with positiveness that one side of that lake, which he called basso-Narok, was occupied by the Wahimas, and the other by the Samburus.
"In Desert and Wilderness"
Henryk Sienkiewicz
The evening was young when Mrs. Minne, charming and a widow, stood with her pretty nun-like face inclined to the tall, black Mr. Biterolf, the basso of the opera.
James Huneker

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