What is another word for covenants?

Pronunciation: [kˈʌvənənts] (IPA)

Covenants are agreements or promises that are made between different parties. There are various synonyms that can be used in place of the word covenant, such as contract, compact, pledge, undertaking, pact, and agreement. Each of these synonyms carries a slightly different connotation, which allows them to be used in specific contexts. For example, a pledge may be more commonly used in the context of a solemn promise, while a contract may be used in the context of a formal business agreement. Regardless of the synonym used, covenants are an essential part of any agreement, as they help to establish mutual expectations and responsibilities between different parties.

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Usage examples for Covenants

Ye get a rive at the covenants ae meenute, and a mouthfu' o' justification the next.
"Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush"
Ian Maclaren
And O, should he ever loose my hands, that I may serve Him freely, may I never forget the many covenants made with Him who has so often heard and answered my prayer when in deep distress!
"Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel"
John Yeardley
The last maternal cord was severed-the great seal of the original compact was broken-the covenants of the two parties were cancelled in blood.
"Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution"
L. Carroll Judson

Famous quotes with Covenants

  • In the old covenants the people were sprinkled with blood of calves without, in their bodies, to bind them to keep the law; else we were bound to just damnation, for the breaking of it.
    William Tyndale
  • Henceforward I am the truth's. Be it known unto you that henceforward I obey no law less than the eternal law. I will have no covenants but proximities.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • There can be no covenants between men and lions, wolves and lambs can never be of one mind, but hate each other out and out an through.
    Samuel Butler (novelist)

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