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The word "eras" refers to a period of time that is distinguished by certain events or characteristics. A synonym for "eras" is "epochs," which also refers to distinct periods in history that are marked by significant events. Another synonym is "ages," which refers to long periods of time that are characterized by specific cultural or historical attributes. "Periods" is another synonym that refers to specific spans of time that are defined by events or historical context. "Eons" is another synonym that refers to vast periods of time that are typically associated with the evolution of the planet or the universe.

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The concept of Eras is one that is commonly used in historiography, archaeology, and anthropology. There are several different terms for eras, including periods, periods of time, and stages.

Eras are typically defined in terms of political, religious, or cultural trends. For example, the Egyptian dynasty period is a time period defined in terms of the political and religious changes that occurred during the reigns of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Similarly, the Bronze Age is a period defined in terms of the cultural changes that occurred during the time period of the Bronze Age.

Generally, eras are divided into two types: classical and barbarian.

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