What is another word for desecrated?

Pronunciation: [dˈɛsɪkɹˌe͡ɪtɪd] (IPA)

Desecrated refers to something that has been violated or treated with disrespect. Synonyms for this word include profaned, defiled, vandalized, damaged, marred, dishonored, and despoiled. Each of these synonyms carries a slightly different meaning and connotation. For example, profaned suggests a violation of something sacred or holy, while defiled suggests something that has been made impure. Vandalized and damaged are more specific, referring to physical harm or destruction, while dishonored and despoiled suggest a loss of dignity or value. Whichever synonym you choose, they all convey the same idea that something has been violated, harmed, or treated with disrespect.

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What are the hypernyms for Desecrated?

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What are the opposite words for desecrated?

Antonyms are words with opposite meanings to another word. The antonyms for the word "desecrated" are words that convey reverence, respect, and sacredness. Some antonyms to desecrated are sanctified, consecrated, hallowed, revered, blessed, and pure. Sanctified refers to something that is blessed, purified, and made holy. Consecrated is something that has been dedicated to God or a sacred purpose. Hallowed means sacred or revered, while revered means deeply respected or admired. Blessed refers to being divinely favored or imparting happiness or good fortune. Pure means free from any contaminants or worldly influences. These words represent states of respect and honor that are the opposite of desecrated.

Usage examples for Desecrated

Each victim must be without blemish and healthy, and it must not be weakened and desecrated by labour.
"The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI)"
Max Duncker
The hour should have been sacred, but it was marred and desecrated by the stark glare of that nightmare moon.
"The Lamp in the Desert"
Ethel M. Dell
She stood upon the graves of the dead as if she feared they might be desecrated.
"Rose of Dutcher's Coolly"
Hamlin Garland

Famous quotes with Desecrated

  • We desecrated the traditional values, but new values didn't come along.
    Rocco Buttiglione
  • I don't think I had a Catherine Bach poster, but I know a lot of my friends desecrated those, big time.
    Seann William Scott
  • Another effect of the continual appearance of false and biased statement and the absorption of the lie atmosphere is that deeds of real valour, heroism, and physical endurance and genuine cases of inevitable torture and suffering are contaminated and desecrated; the wonderful comradeship of the battlefield becomes almost polluted. Lying tongues cannot speak of deeds of sacrifice to show their beauty or value.
    Arthur Ponsonby
  • There are some who object to war because of its immorality, there are some who shrink from the arbitrament of arms because of its increased cruelty and barbarity; there are a growing number who protest against this method, at the outset known to be unsuccessful, of attempting to settle international disputes because of its imbecility and futility. But there is not a living soul in any country who does not deeply resent having his passions roused, his indignation inflamed, his patriotism exploited, and his highest ideals desecrated by concealment, subterfuge, fraud, falsehood, trickery, and deliberate lying on the part of those in whom he is taught to repose confidence and to whom he is enjoined to pay respect.
    Arthur Ponsonby
  • Christ has been much misinterpreted by the world. Even the most elementary principles of his teachings have been desecrated, and their esoteric depths have been forgotten. They have been crucified at the hands of dogma, prejudice, and cramped understanding. Genocidal wars have been fought, people have been burned as witches and heretics, on the presumed authority of man-made doctrines of Christianity. How to salvage the immortal teachings from the hands of ignorance? We must know Jesus as an Oriental Christ, a supreme yogi who manifested full mastery of the universal science of God-union, and thus could speak and act as a savior with the voice and authority of God.
    Paramahansa Yogananda

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