What is another word for debased?

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Debased is most commonly used to describe something that has been reduced in quality or value, typically through some form of moral or ethical corruption. There are a number of synonyms for debased that can be used interchangeably depending on the context of a particular sentence or phrase. These synonyms include words like degraded, corrupted, deteriorated, adulterated, and tainted. All of these words suggest a similar sense of decline or decay, and can be used to describe everything from physical objects to human behavior and attitudes. Whether you're trying to describe the fall of an empire or the corruption of an individual, there are plenty of synonyms for debased that can be used to great effect.

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    When we think about debased currency, we typically think about devalued coins or paper currency. But there's a much wider definition of debased currency, and it includes anything that has been reduced in quality or integrity. In modern society, debased currency can take many forms, from corrupted data to shoddy products.

    When something has been debased, it's been tainted in some way. The quality of the currency has been diminished, and it's no longer respected as a fair and legitimate means of exchange.

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