What is another word for doors?

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Doors are an essential part of any building and play a crucial role in the security and privacy of a property. There are plenty of synonyms for the word "doors" that can be used to describe different types of entrances or exits. A few examples include "gate," "gateway," "portal," "threshold," "entrance," "exit," "archway," "passageway," "hatch," and "trapdoor." Each of these synonyms has its own unique connotations and can be used to convey a specific meaning or atmosphere. No matter what word is used, they all serve to bring people into or out of a space while providing protection and privacy.

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    How to use "Doors" in context?

    Doors open into the outside world and provide entry into different parts of a house or other structure. They can also protect people from the elements or other predators. Doors can be opened manually or with a power door operator. Some doors are hinged at one end, such as those on a barn, and swing open in the middle, such as those on a house. Others have folding panels that can be opened from the outside or the inside, such as those on an airplane.

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