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The word "wears" can be interchanged with many synonyms depending on the context. These include "puts on," "dons," "sport," "covers," "adorns," "models," and "exhibits." Each of these words has a slightly different connotation and usage. For example, "puts on" is often used to describe the act of getting dressed, while "dons" tends to be more formal and can suggest a ceremonial or symbolic aspect. "Sport" implies an active or athletic purpose, while "adorns" and "models" bring to mind fashion and style. "Covers" can be used more broadly, to refer to any way of concealing or protecting the body. When writing, choosing the right synonym for "wears" can help vary the language and create a more interesting and nuanced text.

How to use "Wears" in context?

"wears" is work composed by artist Vija Celmins in 1975. It features white cotton t-shirt and jeans of model Nastja Säde Rönkkö. Celmins used a scarf to cover Rönkkö's head. The traditional textile of the scarf could symbolize the traditional textile of the head dress worn by eastern European women.

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