What is another word for pits?

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[ pˈɪts], [ pˈɪts], [ p_ˈɪ_t_s]

Related words: deep pits, deep hole, deep gorge, deep canyon, bottomless pits, bottomless hole, bottomless gorge, bottomless canyon

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    How to use "Pits" in context?

    Pits are natural depressions in the ground that can vary in size from a small pond to a large ditch. They are often formed by the action of water, wind, or ice. Pit caves are also created by the same agents, and can be very large. Pits can be filled with water, sediment, and rocks, or they can be open.

    Pits are of great interest to geologists because they often contain interesting layers of rock that were deposited in sequence. By examining the layers of rock inside and outside of a pit, geologists can learn a great deal about the geology of the area.

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