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When it comes to sleeping quarters for students, the word "dormitory" is commonly used. However, there are several synonyms for this term that can add variation and interest to your writing. One synonym is "residence hall," which is often used by universities to refer to their on-campus housing options. Another option is "lodging house," which implies a more temporary or transient living situation. "Boarding house" is another possibility, suggesting a communal living situation with shared meals. For a more old-fashioned term, "digs" or "diggings" can be used to describe a student's living quarters, harkening back to a time when boarding houses were more common.

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Dormitories are communal living quarters primarily for students. They are found on most campuses, particularly in North America and Western Europe. They can range in size from small rooms with eight to twenty beds to large complexes with thousands of beds. Dormitories are usually singlesex, but many have mixed-sex dorms. They are usually furnished with single beds and lockers.

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