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A pension is a fixed sum of money paid regularly to an employee after retirement. However, there are many other words that can be used instead of pension. Retirement benefits, annuity, superannuation, gratuity, and allowance all refer to the financial remuneration paid to an individual upon retirement. Another term that is commonly used is a nest egg, which refers to the savings a person has built up over the years to support their retirement. Other synonyms include stipend, emolument, and compensation. Additionally, some countries use the term social security or welfare to describe government-sponsored retirement benefits. Regardless of the term used, the goal is to ensure that individuals have financial security in their retirement years.

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There are different types of pensions available to people in the UK. These pensions can come in the form of a Regular State Pension, a Private Pension, a Lifetime Pension or a Income drawdown Pension.

Regular State Pension: The Regular State Pension is the most basic form of pension and is funded by the government. It pays out a basic rate of income and is available to all British citizens who have reached the retirement age.

Private Pension: A Private Pension is a retirement savings plan that is usually funded by an employer. This means that you and your colleagues can each save money into a Private Pension and enjoy the benefits when you retire.

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