What is another word for apartment?

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An apartment, also known as a flat, is a self-contained living unit within a larger building. It can be described as a condominium, a suite, or a dwelling. Other synonyms for apartments include a residency, a studio, a bedsit, a co-op, and a penthouse. A residency caters to those who are looking for a longer living stay. On the other hand, a studio apartment is typically a small living space designed to accommodate one person or a couple, and a bedsit is a rented room with shared facilities. A co-op apartment is owned by a group of tenants who share the costs and property management responsibilities. Lastly, a penthouse is a luxurious apartment located on the top floor of a building.

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    An apartment, more formally known as a dwelling house, is an insulated and air-tight room, typically in a residential building, used as a place of residence. The word "apartment" is derived from the German word Wohnung, which means "residence".

    The word "apartment" comes with two main definitions. The first is that an apartment is simply a room in a building where people live. The second is that an apartment is a type of housing where people typically rent a separate room or a suite of rooms.

    The first type of housing is more common in Europe and North America.

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