What is another word for parlor?

Pronunciation: [pˈɑːlə] (IPA)

The term "parlor" refers to a room in a house where people of the family or guests gather together for various purposes. However, there are various synonyms that can be used to refer to a parlor, depending upon the situation. Some popular words that are used synonymously for parlor include sitting room, reception hall, saloon, lounge, drawing-room, living room, great room, and conversational area. Each of these synonyms has a slightly different meaning, which depends upon the context that it is used in. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right synonym for parlor based on the purpose you need it for.

Synonyms for Parlor:

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Usage examples for Parlor

Presently he rose from his seat and moved to the wall next to the parlor.
"The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories"
Charles Weathers Bump
She stood still in the middle of the room, listening to his rapid steps in the direction of the parlor.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
No one ever knew what passed between Peter Junior and his father in that parlor.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine

Famous quotes with Parlor

  • For parlor use, the vague generality is a life saver.
    George Ade
  • If the poor overweight jogger only knew how far he had to run to work off the calories in a crust of bread he might find it better in terms of pound per mile to go to a massage parlor.
    Christiaan Barnard
  • We are beginning to wonder whether a servant girl hasn't the best of it after all. She knows how the salad tastes without the dressing, and she knows how life's lived before it gets to the parlor door.
    Djuna Barnes
  • When I came to New York and I opened the window of the thirty-fifth-floor apartment, there's light pollution and fog, and I couldn't see my star. So I drew it on my wrist with a pen, but it kept washing away. Then I went to a tattoo parlor on Second Avenue and had it done.
    Gisele Bundchen
  • When I'm not longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg.
    Snoop Dogg

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