What is another word for dosage?

Pronunciation: [dˈə͡ʊsɪd͡ʒ] (IPA)

Dosage is a crucial term in medicine and healthcare that refers to the amount of medicine or treatment prescribed to an individual. If you want to add some variety to your writing, there are multiple synonyms you can choose from. One alternative to dosage is the term dose, which is synonymous and means the same thing. Other synonyms for dosage include quantity, amount, intake, measure, and administration. Each synonym has a specific context in which it can be used and can add depth to your writing. So, when writing healthcare literature, it's often helpful to utilize different synonyms for familiar terms to help keep readers engaged in the text.

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Usage examples for Dosage

Then, soothed by these happy thoughts, and by a somewhat increased dosage of his drug, the Billionaire gradually and contentedly fell asleep, to dream of victory, and vengeance, and power.
"The Air Trust"
George Allan England
The sediment removed, he slips a temporary cork into the bottle, and the wine is ready for the important operation of the dosage, upon the nature and amount of which the character of the perfected wine, whether it be dry or sweet, light or strong, very much depends.
"Facts About Champagne and Other Sparkling Wines"
Henry Vizetelly
If physicians have given up on the problem and placed a subject on a maintenance drug dosage for pain, hypnosis can potentiate the drugs or even obviate them.
"A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis"
Melvin Powers

Famous quotes with Dosage

  • There is a continuum of values between the churches and the general community. What distinguishes the handling of these values in the churches is mainly the heavier dosage of religious vocabulary involved.
    Peter L. Berger
  • We know for a fact that the body is able to process colloidal silver quite well if it is made correctly and the dosage levels and concentrations are not too high.
    Stan Jones
  • Although I am a public figure, I'm still a little shy. I don't think my own personality is important. I prefer to keep some small dosage of privacy.
    Joshua Lederberg
  • Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.
  • It is only at first that pity, like morphine, is a solace to the invalid, a remedy, a drug, but unless you know the correct dosage and when to stop, it becomes a virulent poison. The first few injections do good, they soothe, they deaden the pain. But the devil of it is that the organism, the body, just like the soul, has an uncanny capacity for adaptation. Just as the nervous system cries out for more and more morphine, so do the emotions cry out for more and more pity, in the end more than one can give. Inevitably there comes a moment when one has to say 'no', and then one must not mind the other person's hating one more for this ultimate refusal than if one had never helped him at all. Yes, my dear Lieutenant, one has got to keep one's pity properly in check, or it does far more harm than any amount of indifference — we doctors know that, and so do judges and myrmidons of the law and pawn-brokers; if they were all to give way to their pity, this world of ours would stand still - a dangerous thing pity, a dangerous thing!
    Stefan Zweig

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