What is another word for metering?

Pronunciation: [mˈiːtəɹɪŋ] (IPA)

Metering is a technical term that refers to the measurement and control of various processes, ranging from electrical power to water flow. It's important to identify alternative words or phrases that can be used interchangeably to avoid repetition and make your writing more engaging. Synonyms for metering include measuring, gauging, quantifying, monitoring and regulating. Other terms that can be used in the context of metering include testing, analyzing, inspecting, and checking. These words have similar meanings and can be used in various contexts to describe the same process of measuring and controlling. Identifying relevant synonyms can improve the readability of your technical writing and make your ideas more accessible to a wider audience.

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What are the hypernyms for Metering?

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What are the opposite words for metering?

Metering refers to the measurement or control of the amount of something, such as electricity or water, for consumption, billing or monitoring purposes. Some antonyms for metering include unmeasured, uncontrolled, and unregulated. These terms suggest an absence of any form of measurement or monitoring, which may not be desirable in certain contexts. Other antonyms include oversupply or overconsumption, implying that there is too much of something or that it is not being used efficiently. In contrast, scarcity or undersupply suggests that there is not enough of something, which can lead to rationing or shortages. Ultimately, the appropriate antonym for metering depends on the context and desired outcome.

What are the antonyms for Metering?

Usage examples for Metering

It is this requirement in a gasoline engine that necessitates an accurate and sensitive fuel-and-air metering device known as the carburetor.
"The First Airplane Diesel Engine: Packard Model DR-980 of 1928"
Robert B. Meyer

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