What is another word for lozenge?

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There are many synonyms for the word "lozenge" depending on the context it is used in. The most common synonym is "troche," which refers to a small medicinal tablet that is meant to dissolve slowly in the mouth. Other synonyms include "pastille," "tablet," "pill," "candy," or "mint." However, these synonyms might not always convey the same meaning as "lozenge" as they have their own distinct characteristics. The word "disc" can be used to describe a particularly flat and round lozenge shape while "diamond" can be used to describe a lozenge with pointed ends. Ultimately, it's important to choose the right synonym that accurately describes the intended object or concept.

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    Lozenges are small, round, candy-like objects that are often chewed or swallowed. They are made of sugar, gum, and sometimes mint or other flavors. They come in a variety of colors and are often decorated with clowns, flowers, or stars.

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