What is another word for epistle?

Pronunciation: [ɪpˈɪsə͡l] (IPA)

The word "epistle" commonly refers to a letter, especially of a formal or religious nature. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used to describe this type of correspondence. For example, "missive," "post," "communication," and "memo" are all words that can be used in place of "epistle". Other, more old-fashioned words include "missive," "missive letter," or simply "letter." Whether you are writing a formal letter, a personal note, or a religious message, there are plenty of alternative words that can be used to convey your message accurately and effectively.

Synonyms for Epistle:

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Usage examples for Epistle

The epistle to the Hebrews.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
G. A. Chadwick
"In return, I shall ask one favor at your hands," said Martin, as he folded and addressed the epistle.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
When she had twice read this epistle, Mrs. Martin Collingwood was startled by the realization of a great mental change in herself.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee

Famous quotes with Epistle

  • I can better understand the inert blindness & defiant ignorance of the reactionaries from having been one of them. I know how smugly ignorant was—wrapped up in the arts, the natural (not social) sciences, the of history & antiquarianism, the academic phases of philosophy, & so on—all the one-sided standard lore to which, according to the traditions of the dying order, a liberal education was limited. God! the things that were —the inside facts of history, the rational interpretation of periodic social crises, the foundations of economics & sociology, the actual state of the world today … & above all, the of applying disinterested reason to problems hitherto approached only with traditional genuflections, flag-waving, & callous shoulder-shrugs! All this comes up with humiliating force through an incident of a few days ago—when young Conover, having established contact with Henneberger, the ex-owner of , obtained from the latter a long epistle which I wrote Edwin Baird on Feby. 3, 1924, in response to a request for biographical & personal data. Little Willis asked permission to publish the text in his combined , & I began looking the thing over to see what it was like—for I had not the least recollection of ever having penned it. Well …. I managed to get through, after about 10 closely typed pages of egotistical reminiscences & showing-off & expressions of opinion about mankind & the universe. I did not faint—but I looked around for a 1924 photograph of myself to burn, spit on, or stick pins in! Holy Hades—was that much of a dub at 33 … only 13 years ago? There was no getting out of it—I really thrown all that haughty, complacent, snobbish, self-centred, intolerant bull, & at a mature age when anybody but a perfect damned fool would have known better! That earlier illness had kept me in seclusion, limited my knowledge of the world, & given me something of the fatuous effusiveness of a belated adolescent when I finally able to get around more in 1920, is hardly much of an excuse. Well—there was nothing to be done … except to rush a note back to Conover & tell him I'd dismember him & run the fragments through a sausage-grinder if he ever thought of printing such a thing! The only consolation lay in the reflection that I matured a bit since '24. It's hard to have done all one's growing up since 33—but that's a damn sight better than not growing up at all.
    H. P. Lovecraft

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