What is another word for acknowledgment?

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Acknowledgment is a word commonly used to express recognition or appreciation of something or someone. However, there are alternative synonyms for this term that can be used to bring diversity and nuance to your writing. Some examples include acceptance, confirmation, validation, endorsement, recognition, appreciation, admission, and announcement. Each of these synonyms carries its own unique meaning and tone, making them suitable for different contexts. When choosing the most appropriate synonym for acknowledgment, it is essential to consider the intended tone, context, and audience of your writing to ensure that your message is conveyed as effectively as possible.

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    How to use "Acknowledgment" in context?

    Acknowledgment is an important word to say and to feel. When done sincerely, acknowledgments can remind us of actions and moments that have helped us grow and become the person we are today. Acknowledgments provide a sense of closure and can help lessen feelings of guilt. When given and received in the right way, acknowledgments can lead to closer relationships and even friendships.

    Acknowledgments can be given in general or specific terms. General acknowledgments can be given at the end of a conversation or email, after a shared experience. Specific acknowledgments can be given when passing out something, or when meeting someone for the first time.

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