What is another word for rumor?

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Rumors are pieces of information that people have heard but are unverified or unconfirmed. Alternatively, some synonyms for the word rumor include hearsay, gossip, speculation, innuendo, and grapevine. Hearsay means information shared by someone else, while gossip refers to information that is spread between a group of individuals. Speculation relates to ideas or opinions that are not based on proof or evidence. Innunedo implies an indirect or subtle hint, whereas grapevine refers to informal channels of communication through which news or gossip can spread. These synonyms highlight the nature of rumors as uncertain or unreliable sources of information, often spread through interpersonal networks.

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The word "rumor" can be defined as a piece of information that is spreading widely but may not be true. Its antonyms, on the other hand, are words that express the opposite meaning. The first antonym for rumor is "fact," which is something that is known or proven to be true. The second antonym is "certainty" which refers to a state of being absolutely sure about something. Another antonym for rumor is "truth," which represents a statement or belief that is indisputable. Finally, "authenticity" is another antonym for "rumor" as it implies that something is genuine, original, and not counterfeit.

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