What is another word for fireplace?

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[ fˈa͡ɪ͡əple͡ɪs], [ fˈa‍ɪ‍əple‍ɪs], [ f_ˈaɪə_p_l_eɪ_s]

A fireplace can also be called an hearth, firebox or chimney. It can be referred to as a hearthstone, mantelpiece, or grate. Additionally, it may be called a flue, smokestack, or stack. An open fireplace may be referred to as a campfire or bonfire. It may also be called a wood-burning stove or a brick oven. A fireplace is an essential feature in many houses, and it provides warmth and comfort. It is a place where families can gather and spend quality time together. By knowing these synonyms, you can impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of language and terminology.

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    Fireplaces are a popular way to add warmth and character to any room in the house, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you buy or install one.

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