What is another word for mantle?

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The word mantle refers to either a piece of cloth covering, a layer of the Earth's structure or a responsibility to bear. There are several synonyms for each of these meanings. For the cloth covering, you can use words like cloak, shawl, or wrap. For the layer of the Earth, alternates include crust, shell, or lithosphere. When talking about responsibility, terms like obligation, duty, or burden can serve as substitutes for mantle. Each of these synonyms provides different degrees of nuance and helps to diversify your language usage to avoid repetition and make your writing more interesting to read.

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    A mantle is a layer of dense, often insulating material that envelops the body of a planet or other celestial body. The word derives from the Latin word mantel, meaning cloak. A mantle can also refer to the layer of atmosphere and dust that covers the Earth.

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