What is another word for stove?

Pronunciation: [stˈə͡ʊv] (IPA)

The word "stove" refers to a common household appliance that is used for cooking and heating. From a culinary perspective, this appliance is a central part of the kitchen and essential for the preparation of meals. Synonyms for the word "stove" include "oven," "range," "cooktop," "burner," "heater," and "cooker." These words are commonly used interchangeably when referring to the appliance. While there may be slight variations between each of these devices, they all serve the same purpose of cooking food. Whatever term is used, the importance of the stove as a cornerstone appliance in any home cannot be overstated.

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Usage examples for Stove

The outer apartment of the hut contains a stove, a table, and a coarse bed, forming the living-room, while the inner one is improved for the dairy.
"Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia"
Maturin M. Ballou
The most comfortable features of the room were two large arm-chairs, one on each side of the stove.
"The Furnace"
Rose Macaulay
The stove was quite red, but it had been swept clean.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower

Famous quotes with Stove

  • There is nothing more mysterious than a TV set left on in an empty room. It is even stranger than a man talking to himself or a woman standing dreaming at her stove. It is as if another planet is communicating with you.
    Jean Baudrillard
  • They gave me away as a prize once - a Win Tony Curtis For A Weekend competition. The woman who won was disappointed. She'd hoped for second prize - a new stove.
    Tony Curtis
  • She was scrubbing furiously at a line of grease spots which led from the stove towards the door to the dining-room. That was where Henry had held the platter tilted as he carried the steak in yesterday. And yet if she had warned him once about that, she had a thousand times!
    Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  • When I have an idea, I turn down the flame, as if it were a little alcohol stove, as low as it will go. Then it explodes and that is my idea.
    Ernest Hemingway
  • I've really learned a lot, really learned a lot, love is like a stove, burns you when it's hot.
    Roy Orbison

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