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Caboose is a term that often refers to the last car on a train. However, there are synonyms that can be used to describe this train car as well. One of these is the "rear car," which is self-explanatory. Another synonym is the "guard's van," which is used in British English. Other synonyms include "observation car," which is used for passenger trains and provides a view of the scenery, and "way car," which is used for freight trains to carry railroad personnel and their equipment. These synonyms are helpful to express the same concept and can add variety to the description.

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The term caboose is derived from the Spanish word for box. A caboose is a unique type of railroad car that is neither a freight car nor a passenger car, but instead is a vehicle that is used for storage or auxiliary purposes. Cabooses are often found on railroads that serve remote or small towns, and are sometimes used as repair shops.

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