What is another word for barbecue?

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Barbecue, a word originated from the Spanish language, refers to the process of cooking meat or vegetables on a grill or open fire. Over the years, many synonyms have been used to describe this culinary practice. Some people refer to it as a cookout, while others might call it a grill, BBQ, or a backyard party. Other synonyms include smokehouse, Pit Master, Low and Slow, and even Barby. Different regions in the world have their own unique synonym for this cooking method, such as braai in South Africa, tandoor in India, and asado in Argentina. Regardless of the name or region, it's always a great way to enjoy good food and company.

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Barbecue is a cooking technique that involves grilling meat, vegetables, or other food over an open flame, often seasoned with spices, sauces, or marinades. Antonyms for barbecue could include words such as boil, bake, steam, or fry. Boiling involves cooking something in water that is heated to boiling point, while baking is a dry heat method of cooking that involves using an oven. Steaming is another popular cooking method that involves cooking food in steam, while frying involves cooking food in oil at high temperatures. While each of these methods has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, they offer a range of options for preparing food beyond the traditional barbecue grill.

What are the antonyms for Barbecue?

  • v.

    cook outside, usually on a grill

Usage examples for Barbecue

They were to hunt two days: then to meet and count the scalps, and have a big barbecue, and what might be called a tip-top country frolic.
"A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett, of the State of Tennessee."
Davy Crockett
Sometimes I'd barbecue a venison steak and-well, 'twas our playhouse, McTavish, and I who am no longer young-I who never played until I met her-I- I'm a bit foolish, I fear, but I found rest and comfort here, McTavish, even before I met her, and I'm thinking I'll have to come here often for the same.
"The Valley of the Giants"
Peter B. Kyne
From the necessity of supplying the barbecue every now and then with fresh embers, a large fire had been kept up during the day.
"The Boy Hunters"
Captain Mayne Reid

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