What is another word for focussing?

Pronunciation: [fˈə͡ʊkəszɪŋ] (IPA)

Focussing or focusing is the process of directing all the attention to something specific. It can be a challenging task for most people to maintain focus and stay on track. Some synonyms for focussing include concentrating, centering, fixating, directing, pinpointing, honing, fixating, and zeroing in. All these synonyms indicate an intentional effort to channel all our energies on the task at hand and avoid getting distracted. Focussing involves mental discipline, which is necessary for success in any area of life. Using synonyms like concentrating or centering can make it easier to maintain the desired level of attention and focus on the present moment.

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Usage examples for Focussing

His line of defence was to maintain a haughty and contemptuous silence, at the same time to shrivel up his very common-place judges by focussing upon them in turn his most ferociously fascinating glare.
"A Poached Peerage"
William Magnay
"Lend it to me, father," cried Dick eagerly; and quickly focussing it, he directed it at a group of fishermen on their way down to the harbour.
George Manville Fenn
No one other thing, probably, works so fatally against focussing the attention of teachers upon the training of mind as the domination of their minds by the idea that the chief thing is to get pupils to recite their lessons correctly.
"How We Think"
John Dewey

Famous quotes with Focussing

  • The realist, then, would seek in behalf of philosophy the same renunciation the same rigour of procedure, that has been achieved in science. This does not mean that he would reduce philosophy to natural or physical science. He recognizes that the philosopher has undertaken certain peculiar problems, and that he must apply himself to these, with whatever method he may find it necessary to employ. It remains the business of the philosopher to attempt a wide synoptic survey of the world, to raise underlying and ulterior questions, and in particular to examine the cognitive and moral processes. And it is quite true that for the present no technique at all comparable with that of the exact sciences is to be expected. But where such technique is attainable, as for example in symbolic logic, the realist welcomes it. And for the rest he limits himself to a more modest aspiration. He hopes that philosophers may come like scientists to speak a common language, to formulate common problems and to appeal to a common realm of fact for their resolution. Above all he desires to get rid of the philosophical monologue, and of the lyric and impressionistic mode of philosophizing. And in all this he is prompted not by the will to destroy but by the hope that philosophy is a kind of knowledge, and neither a song nor a prayer nor a dream. He proposes, therefore, to rely less on inspiration and more on observation and analysis. He conceives his function to be in the last analysis the same as that of the scientist. There is a world out yonder more or less shrouded in darkness, and it is important, if possible, to light it up. But instead of, like the scientist, focussing the mind's rays and throwing this or that portion of the world into brilliant relief, he attempts to bring to light the outlines and contour of the whole, realizing too well that in diffusing so widely what little light he has, he will provide only a very dim illumination.
    Ralph Barton Perry
  • I guess that's why I developed the form 'intermedia'.You are always focussing on all kinds of media to express yourself.
    Dick Higgins

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