What is another word for yielding?

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Yielding is a word that indicates flexibility, acquiescence, compliance, and surrender. It refers to a submissive or submissive posture, qualities often seen in people who are polite and willing to compromise. Synonyms for the word "yielding" include pliant, docile, adaptable, accommodating, compliant, submissive, acquiescent, and amenable. These words can be used to describe someone who is facile and adaptable in their approach to situations or someone who possesses a willingness to comply with the requests of others. Yielding can be seen as both a positive and negative attribute, depending on how it is utilized in a given situation.

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    The stretching and yielding of plant tissues is an important process in photosynthesis and water uptake. When a plant grows, the cells in its tissues divide like the cells in a human body. The new cells in the tissue push out the old ones, which can happen slowly or rapidly. The rate at which cells divide is called the cell-division rate. The faster the cell division rate, the more new cells are created in the tissue. When the cell division rate is slow, the number of new cells is relatively small. When the cell division rate is fast, the number of new cells is high.

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