What is another word for reflecting?

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The word "reflecting" can be used to describe various actions and characteristics. Some synonyms for this word include "contemplating," which refers to the act of deep thought and consideration. "Musing," on the other hand, suggests a more dreamy or wandering type of reflection. "Pondering" often implies a problem or issue that requires deep thought and careful consideration. "Meditating" refers to a calm and focused type of reflection, often done in solitude. "Brooding" suggests a more negative connotation, as it often relates to dwelling on something troubling. Overall, reflecting can be a positive or negative activity depending on the context, and there are many synonyms to describe its various forms.

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    Reflecting is a very important tool that can be used in any profession. It allows you to understand your work and the people that you work with. Reflecting also helps you to stay current with changes in your field and to be able to reflect those changes back to your clients or patients. It is also important to use reflecting when you are considering your next steps in your career. By reflecting on your experience, you can make better decisions about what is best for you.

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