What is another word for fundraiser?

Pronunciation: [fˈʌndɹe͡ɪzə] (IPA)

Fundraisers play a crucial role in raising funds for various causes or organizations. However, if you're looking for a synonym for "fundraiser," there are plenty of options available. Some examples include charity event, benefaction, philanthropic event, donation drive, fundraising campaign, charity auction, benefit concert, and non-profit gala. Each term has its own distinct connotations, so it's important to choose the right synonym based on the context and purpose of the event. Regardless of which word you choose to use, the goal remains the same: to raise money for a worthwhile cause and make a positive impact in your community.

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Famous quotes with Fundraiser

  • Chefs, as a whole, say yes to any project, fundraiser, or tasting because they have such a generous spirit.
    Charlie Trotter
  • As a fundraiser, our first idea was 'Five Bucks to Punch a Mime.'
    Chuck Palahniuk

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