What is another word for gala?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈɑːlə] (IPA)

Gala is a term used to describe a party or event that is extravagant, festive, and celebratory. However, there are many synonyms that can be used instead of gala, depending on the type of event being discussed. Some alternative terms include celebration, festivities, festivity, party, fete, soiree, shindig, ball, banquet, reception, function, gathering, and jamboree. Each of these words conveys a sense of merriment and joy, but with subtle variations in meaning and tone. Depending on the context, some of these terms may be more appropriate than others. Regardless of the specific word used, the goal is to convey a sense of fun, happiness, and joviality.

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Usage examples for Gala

The old tower of Torsonse is situated upon the banks of the gala.
"Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3)"
Walter Scott
"Yonder," he said, "is Lammermoor and Smailholm; and there you have galashiels, and Torwoodlee, and gala Water; and in that direction you see Teviotdale and the Braes of Yarrow, and Ettrick stream winding along like a silver thread to throw itself into the Tweed.
"In the Border Country"
W. S. (William Shillinglaw) Crockett
Nor is it like a fellow who has not seen the world in its best gala suit, affecting to despise rank, splendor, and high station.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever

Famous quotes with Gala

  • I found myself getting more publicly shy when the gala events and big crowds started. Some people embrace it. To me, it's not worth enough to risk my private life being public.
    Matt Damon
  • Philosopher, observer, scholar of our time; Original creator accepting no blunders, Emphasizing the gala of the pen, he ponders The tomes of literary jewels for life's rime!
    Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU
  • It does not surprise by seeing that a wise could hardly rise position-wise in a company for he being true to own voice and nice towards others, whereas the employees who are obsequious guys easily scale up the hierarchical ladder and they are often or always seen enjoying the gala time in a private organization.
    Anuj Somany
  • For ever so our thoughtful hearts repeat On fields of triumph dirges of defeat; And still we turn on gala-days to tread Among the rustling memories of the dead.
    Henry van Dyke

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