What is another word for Furies?

Pronunciation: [fjˈʊ͡əɹɪz] (IPA)

The word "Furies" refers to a group of mythical beings in Greek mythology who were often associated with vengeance and punishment. Some synonym options for this word include "Avengers," "Retributors," "Retributive Justice," "Dyads," and "Nemesis." Each of these words carries a similar connotation of anger, fury, and retribution. These synonyms can be useful in a variety of contexts, from literary analysis of Greek mythology to discussions of contemporary justice systems. Regardless of the context, the use of these synonyms helps convey the idea of swift and powerful consequences for perceived wrongdoing.

What are the hypernyms for Furies?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
  • Other hypernyms:

    spirits, Monsters, ghosts, mythical creatures, imaginary creatures, divine entities, mythical figures, mythical figures of vengeance, personified forces, supernatural beings, supernatural entities.

Usage examples for Furies

Then the lynx over whose head he passed leaped straight up, caught the flying creature fairly in his great paws, fell over backwards, and was covered in an instant by the other lynxes that hurled themselves upon him like Furies, snapping and clawing ferociously at the mouthful which he had pulled down at the very moment of its escape.
"A Little Brother to the Bear and other Animal Stories"
William Long
"The wild fellow in Petronius that escaped upon a broken table from the Furies of a shipwreck, as he was sunning himself upon the rocky shore, espied a man rolled upon his floating bed of waves, ballasted with sand in the folds of his garments, and carried by his civil enemy the sea towards the shore to find a grave; and it cast him into some sad thoughts; that peradventure this man's wife in some part of the Continent, safe and warm, looks next month for the good man's return; or it may be his son knows nothing of the tempest; or his father thinks of that affectionate kiss which still is warm upon the good old man's cheek ever since he took a kind farewell, and he weeps with joy to think how blessed he shall be when his beloved boy returns into the circle of his father's arms.
"A Key to Lord Tennyson's 'In Memoriam'"
Alfred Gatty
A screaming sound filled the boy's ears: the yelling of the storm, the laughter of the Furies, the shrill shouts of fiends.
"In the Musgrave Ranges"
Jim Bushman

Famous quotes with Furies

  • QUEEN: But Hymen's torch, held downward, shall drop out, And for it, the mad Furies swing their brands About the bride-chamber.
    Thomas Dekker (writer)
  • Lo these were they, whose souls the Furies steel'd, And curs'd with hearts unknowing how to yield.So perish all, whose breast ne'er learn'd to glow For others' good, or melt at others' woe.
    Alexander Pope
  • Richard’s ex-girlfriends were long gone, but their voices followed him all the time and spoke to him, like Muses or Furies. It was like having seven superegos arranged in a firing squad before a single beleaguered id, making sure he didn’t enjoy that last cigarette.
    Neal Stephenson
  • The most violent, mean and malignant passions of the human breast, the Furies of private interest.
    Karl Marx

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