What is another word for wrath?

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Wrath is a powerful word that conveys intense anger and fury. There are many synonyms for wrath that can be used to express this strong emotion. These include rage, fury, indignation, bitterness, resentment, and animosity. Rage is a particularly strong synonym for wrath, and suggests a violent outburst of anger. Fury also connotes intense, uncontrolled anger. Indignation is a more refined synonym that suggests a righteous anger at injustice or unfair treatment. Bitterness and resentment both suggest a long-standing anger or grudge. Finally, animosity suggests a deep-seated hatred or hostility towards someone or something. When seeking to convey the emotion of wrath, there are many synonyms that can be used to effectively communicate this intense feeling.

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How to use "Wrath" in context?

Wrath is short-lived anger, contempt, or hatred. It is the result of losing respect for someone, being wronged, or being thwarted in one's goal. Wrath can lead to violence if it is not properly channeled. The Bible warns of the dangers of wrath, such as murder, sexual immorality, and child abuse.

Wrath is often confused with anger. Anger is an emotion that results from frustration. Wrath is an emotion that results from being hurt, insulted, or thwarted. Anger is an emotion that is aimed at somebody or something. Wrath is directed inward.

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