What is another word for furore?

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Furore refers to a sudden, intense and widespread excitement or outrage over a certain event or issue. Some synonyms of this word include uproar, commotion, furor, outcry, tumult, and pandemonium. All of these terms share a sense of chaos, disagreement and emotional intensity. An uproar suggests a noisier and more disorderly type of furore, while tumult implies a more violent commotion. Furor is a more formal term used to describe a heated public debate or controversy. Outcry emphasizes the vocal expression of discontent or outrage among the crowds, while pandemonium suggests a state of extreme disorder and chaos. Whether it is uproar or pandemonium, these synonyms highlight the emotional and explosive nature of a furore.

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    When it comes to fashion, there's something about a good furor that just feels exciting. It's no wonder then, that when an outfit generates a furor, it's almost certain to catch our eyes. From Zac Posen's theatrics at the Met Ball to Demna Gvasalia's "Greased Lightning" runway show at London Fashion Week, all eyes were on the fashion shows that left guests feeling like they had seen a fashion storm. So what's behind the wave of furores sweeping the fashion world?

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