What is another word for happened upon?

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[ hˈapənd əpˌɒn], [ hˈapənd əpˌɒn], [ h_ˈa_p_ə_n_d ə_p_ˌɒ_n]

There are numerous synonyms for the phrase "happened upon" that can make writing more concise and interesting. Some of these synonyms include "stumbled upon," "encountered," "discovered," "chanced upon," "unearthed," "bumped into," "came across," "found," "strayed upon," and "hit upon." Each of these alternatives to the phrase "happened upon" provide a slightly different shade of meaning, so a writer can choose the one that best suits the situation or tone of their work. By using synonyms like these, a writer can keep their language fresh and engaging, thereby enhancing reader engagement and comprehension.

Synonyms for Happened upon:

How to use "Happened upon" in context?

I was driving home from work one evening and I happened upon a house on fire. I called 911 and drove to the scene to help put out the fire. I am so glad that I happened upon that house fire, because it could have been much worse.

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