What is another word for hummer?

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The word "hummer" can have several synonyms depending on the context of its usage. In the sense of a hummingbird, it can be replaced by words like "chirper," "flutterer," or "buzzard." When the term is used for a vehicle, it can be substituted by "SUV," "all-terrain vehicle," or "off-roader." In terms of music, a hummer can be replaced by "crooner," "warbler," or "singer." In slang language, "hummer" can signify oral sex, and thus can be substituted by "blowjob," "fellatio," or simply "oral." In conclusion, understanding the context of the word "hummer" is important to determine appropriate synonyms.

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    The word "hummer" typically refers to a type of vehicle or a tool used for pounding nails. Opposites or antonyms for this word include words that indicate quiet or gentleness, such as a "whisperer" or "soother." Other antonyms could relate to vehicles that are less aggressive or louder, such as a "sedan" or "bicycle." Words like "peace" or "tranquility" would also be opposite in meaning to "hummer." Additionally, words like "flower" or "butterfly" could be considered antonyms as they represent natural beauty and grace, unlike the rough and tough image often associated with a "hummer.

    Usage examples for Hummer

    She's a hummer, Sadie is.
    "Shorty McCabe"
    Sewell Ford
    And she's a hummer for a quatter of a dollar!
    "Philo Gubb Correspondence-School Detective"
    Ellis Parker Butler
    She sure is a hummer.
    "Out of the Primitive"
    Robert Ames Bennet

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