What is another word for humps?

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The word "humps" refers to a rounded lump or protrusion on a surface or an animal's back. Some synonyms that can be used in place of "humps" include "bumps," "swells," "knobs," "mounds," "protuberances," and "elevations." These words can be used to describe various physical features such as hills and mountains, as well as human and animal body parts. For example, you may use "swells" to describe someone's biceps or "knobs" to describe the protruding spine of a reptile. Synonyms offer variety and can help add flavor to your writing, making your descriptions more vivid and engaging.

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Usage examples for Humps

As the animals had been fed sparingly during the past week they grew lean; their necks lengthened, their humps sank, and their legs became weak.
"In Desert and Wilderness"
Henryk Sienkiewicz
As on the second strip the king is represented receiving the tribute of Israel; so on this strip also we see the leader of those who pay tribute prostrate on the ground before him; behind the leader are led a horse and two camels with double humps; then follow people carrying staves and kettles.
"The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI)"
Max Duncker
On the picture we see two camels with double humps, a hump-backed buffalo, a rhinoceros, an antelope, an elephant, four large apes, which are led, and one little one, which is carried.
"The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI)"
Max Duncker

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