What is another word for distinguishes?

Pronunciation: [dɪstˈɪŋɡwɪʃɪz] (IPA)

Distinguishes can be replaced by a number of synonyms that convey similar meanings. Some of these synonyms include: 1. Differentiates- To distinguish from others or to recognize as distinct. 2. Discriminates- To make a distinction or to differentiate, in a fair or unfair manner. 3. Identifies - To recognize, distinguish or establish the identity of someone or something. 4. Characterizes - To describe or identify the distinctive features or qualities of something or someone. 5. Sets apart - To make something distinct or different from others. 6. Deciphers - To discover the meaning of something, or to distinguish or separate things that are otherwise similar or ambiguous.

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Usage examples for Distinguishes

He distinguishes between active silence and passive silence.
"Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck"
Jethro Bithell
He distinguishes anarchy from democracy and from communistic government, though his distinctions are not easy to apprehend exactly.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
What distinguishes their position and makes it socialism is therefore precisely this absence of measure or of the right measure, and one great advantage of the English doctrine of social politics which I have expounded, is that it is able to supply this indispensable criterion.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae

Famous quotes with Distinguishes

  • To err is human; but contrition felt for the crime distinguishes the virtuous from the wicked.
    Vittorio Alfieri
  • Drinking when we are not thirsty and making love at any time, madam, is all that distinguishes us from the other animals.
    Pierre De Beaumarchais
  • There is a continuum of values between the churches and the general community. What distinguishes the handling of these values in the churches is mainly the heavier dosage of religious vocabulary involved.
    Peter L. Berger
  • Ardor, n. The quality that distinguishes love without knowledge.
    Ambrose Bierce
  • Intellect distinguishes between the possible and the impossible; reason distinguishes between the sensible and the senseless. Even the possible can be senseless.
    Max Born

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