What is another word for hurdles?

Pronunciation: [hˈɜːdə͡lz] (IPA)

Hurdles are obstacles that can impede progress or attainment of a goal. However, there are other words that can be used interchangeably with hurdles. Such synonyms include barricades, barriers, challenges, difficulties, obstructions, impediments, setbacks, and stumbling blocks. These words all refer to something that needs to be overcome in order to achieve a desired outcome. While hurdles are physical barriers that must be jumped, the other terms denote different types of challenges, such as emotional or cognitive difficulties. Regardless of the terminology used, the key is to acknowledge the presence of challenges and find ways to overcome them.

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Usage examples for Hurdles

"And then," she went on, "the lanes with the high green hedges, dog-roses and brambles and may bushes and traveller's joy-and the grey wooden hurdles, and the gates with yellow lichen on them, and the white roads and the light in the farm windows as you come home from work-and the fire-and the smell of apples from the loft."
"The Literary Sense"
E. Nesbit
They were revetted with hurdles and planks of timber which were kept in position by iron pickets, which were securely wired to anchor pickets driven sideways into the walls of the trench.
"The Story of the "9th King's" in France"
Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts
We are going to the Bois de Cambre, and there's two of our men gone on with hurdles, to set them up in the cross alleys of the wood, and we 're to come on 'em unawares, you see.
"That Boy Of Norcott's"
Charles James Lever

Famous quotes with Hurdles

  • I've been motivated by overcoming challenge and overcoming the hurdles and obstacles that face me. There still is plenty out there to get motivated by.
    Andre Agassi
  • Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at it destination full of hope.
    Maya Angelou
  • There are hurdles to overcome in sport and in life. Sport is a very valuable learning ground for how to live your life in the best possible way.
    Lynn Davies
  • Despite these hurdles, manufacturers in the U.S. and their employees are doing remarkable work.
    John Engler
  • Governments must give to all those who have hit life's hurdles the chance to rebuild and have a future.
    Pauline Hanson

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