What is another word for constraints?

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There are various synonyms for the word "constraints" that can be used to express the same meaning in different ways. Some commonly used synonyms for constraints include restrictions, limitations, hurdles, impediments, obstacles, and restraints. Each of these synonyms emphasizes a slightly different aspect of the concept of constraints. For instance, "restrictions" connotes rules or regulations that limit what one can do, while "obstacles" suggests challenges that must be overcome. "Hurdles" emphasizes the difficulty involved in clearing an obstacle, while "restraints" implies something holding one back. Whatever the phrasing used, constraints refer to anything that restricts or limits one's freedom of action or range of possibilities.

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How to use "Constraints" in context?

Constraints are the boundaries imposed by the environment or other factors on what a machine or system can do. In the world of computing, constraints can come in the form of hard (physical) limitations (such as the size of memory), mathematical limitations (such as the size of a number that can be used in a calculation), or technological limitations (such as the speed at which a device can handle input or output).

Because computing is such a broad and varied field, constraints can be applied in different ways.

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