What is another word for shackles?

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[ ʃˈakə͡lz], [ ʃˈakə‍lz], [ ʃ_ˈa_k_əl_z]

Synonyms for Shackles:

How to use "Shackles" in context?

When it comes to accessories, few things pack as much of a punch as metal shackles. Whether used in BDSM or as an execution device, these metal bands have a way of captivating those who see them.

What are shackles?

Generally speaking, shackles are two straps of metal that link two parts of a person's body together. They're often used in BDSM scenes, as part of a scene where someone is restrained and unable to move.

Where do shackles come from?

Historically, shackles have been used to restrain criminals and prisoners.

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