What is another word for obstruction?

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When you come across an "obstruction," or something that hinders or blocks your path, there are a number of synonyms you can use to describe it. For example, a "barrier" is often used to refer to a physical object that blocks one's way, while "impediment" can be used to describe something that makes movement difficult or slows progress. "Blockage" refers specifically to something that obstructs the flow of something else, such as blood flow or traffic, while "hindrance" describes anything that slows or hinders progress. Other possible synonyms for obstruction include "obstacle," "encumbrance," "stumbling block," and "roadblock".

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    Obstruction is defined as an act that hinders or prevents the natural flow of vehicular traffic. This may take the form of a physical obstruction, such as a snowbank, or a moveable obstruction, such as a car. Moving or stopping traffic can be a criminal offense if done without justification or with the intention of causing an obstruction.

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