What is another word for intercollegiate?

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Intercollegiate refers to activities or contests between different colleges or universities. Some synonyms for intercollegiate include collegiate, varsity, and intramural. Collegiate refers to an institution that offers higher education such as a college or university. Varsity refers to an elite level of intercollegiate competition, usually for sports. Intramural refers to competitions or activities within a single institution. Other related terms include interuniversity and intercollegiate athletics. Understanding these synonyms is important because they allow individuals to better understand the context and purpose of activities or events related to intercollegiate competition or collaboration.

What are the opposite words for intercollegiate?

Intercollegiate is a term used to describe activities or competitions between different colleges or universities. The opposite of intercollegiate is intramural, which refers to activities or competitions carried out within a single institution. Another antonym for intercollegiate is extramural, which refers to activities or competitions that involve teams or individuals from multiple institutions, but not necessarily limited to colleges and universities. Similarly, noncollegiate or non-academic can also be used as antonyms for intercollegiate, indicating activities or competitions that do not involve any form of academic institution. These antonyms can be useful in describing different types of sports and activities in the context of college and university settings.

What are the antonyms for Intercollegiate?

Usage examples for Intercollegiate

In the face of maternal anxiety and protest, he went out for track, made good, stuck to his training and in his senior year represented the scarlet and white, getting a second in the intercollegiate low hurdles.
"Our Nervous Friends Illustrating the Mastery of Nervousness"
Robert S. Carroll
O'Byrn sank into an adjoining chair as his neighbor administered the finishing touches to an intercollegiate field meet of that afternoon.
"The Lash"
Olin L. Lyman
These intercollegiate tutorial lectures are quite like lecture courses at an American college, except that they are not used as a means of police regulation.
"An American at Oxford"
John Corbin

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