What is another word for landing?

Pronunciation: [lˈandɪŋ] (IPA)

When it comes to the word "landing", there are numerous synonyms that can be used to describe it. One such synonym is "touchdown", which refers to the moment when an aircraft touches the ground. Another synonym is "arrival", which denotes the act of reaching a destination after a journey. "Dismounting" is another descriptor commonly used for landing on horseback or bicycles. A "settlement" is also a landing of sorts, whether it's the act of landing on a distant planet or at a new job. "Docking" may also refer to landing in the context of spacecraft and boats, while "disembarkation" applies to coming ashore from a ship. Nonetheless, these synonyms are all used to describe the physical or metaphorical act of landing.

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What are the opposite words for landing?

The term "landing" is often used to refer to the act of arriving or touching down on an area after a flight or journey. However, there are several antonyms that represent the opposite of landing. For example, "takeoff" refers to the moment when an aircraft lifts off the ground and begins its flight. "Ascent" is another antonym, which means to climb or to rise up in the air. "Departure" is also an antonym because it refers to the act of leaving a place, rather than arriving. Additionally, "flight" is an antonym because it represents the entire journey by a plane or bird from one place to another.

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Usage examples for Landing

The tug captain was given orders, and soon a landing was approached.
"Leo the Circus Boy"
Ralph Bonehill
They found Maclaughlin waiting for them at the landing with the boat.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee
Charlotte had little time to observe either closely, for her attention was quite taken up with the novel preparations for landing her and her companions.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee

Famous quotes with Landing

  • On landing at New York I caught the yellow fever. The kind man who commanded the ship that brought me from France took charge of me and placed me under the care of two Quaker ladies. To their skillful and untiring care I may safely say I owe my life.
    John James Audubon
  • Adventure Bay is a convenient and safe place for any number of ships to take in wood and water during the summer months: but in the winter, when the southerly winds are strong, the surf, on all parts of the shore, makes the landing exceedingly troublesome.
    William Bligh
  • I have bought pole vault equipment, the landing areas, posts, which costs a lot of money. We pay for coaches.
    Sergei Bubka
  • I'm looking forward to coming back, back to Earth, the landing, the views.
    Duane G. Carey
  • Now, I've never flown in space; but the folks who have say that on landing day, you know, you've just spent maybe a week and a half, sometimes two weeks in orbit and you're used to the things happening slowly in space.
    Duane G. Carey

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