What is another word for seawall?

Pronunciation: [sˈiːwɔːl] (IPA)

A seawall is a structure built at the edge of the sea or a river to prevent erosion and flooding. There are numerous other words that can be used to describe this barrier-like structure. Some common synonyms for seawall include breakwater, embankment, dyke, levee, jetty, and berm. A breakwater is a structure that protects a harbor or pier from the force of waves. An embankment is a raised bank that helps to control water flow and prevent flooding. A dyke is a wall built to prevent water or soil from moving, while a levee is a similar structure built around a river to prevent flooding. A jetty is a protective wall built alongside a harbor to create a safe environment for boats. A berm is a raised area of land that is intended to prevent water from reaching an area.

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    • Noun, singular or mass
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What are the hypernyms for Seawall?

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    barrier, defensive structure, Coastal Wall, Sea Fence, protective structure.

Usage examples for Seawall

In the brief silence that followed this clear statement of affairs, they both heard the rattle of the iron gate by the seawall.
"The Last Hope"
Henry Seton Merriman
Every morning he half looked for him on the seawall, between "The Black Sailor" and the rectory garden.
"The Last Hope"
Henry Seton Merriman
At one place there was a file of fishermen, including a fisherwoman, drawing their net by means of a rope carried across the carriage-way from the seawall, with a splendid show of their black eyes and white teeth and swarthy, bare legs, and always there were beggars, both of those who frankly begged and those who importuned with postal-cards.
"Roman Holidays and Others"
W. D. Howells

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