What is another word for airstrip?

Pronunciation: [ˈe͡əstɹɪp] (IPA)

Airstrips, also known as runways, are essential landing and takeoff areas for both civilian and military aircraft. However, there are other synonyms for the word airstrip that can be used interchangeably. One of them is landing strip, which is a relatively small runway designed for small aircraft. Another synonym is helipad, which is a landing area exclusively designed for helicopters. Moreover, airfield is also a commonly used synonym, which is a larger area that has multiple runways and facilities for aircraft maintenance and repair. Finally, there is also the term airbase, which is an extensive military airfield that houses fighter jets, transport planes, and other military aircraft.

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Usage examples for Airstrip

The farm also has the hangar and airstrip for Frank's Cessna, which he enjoys flying when not engaged in his law practice or farming.
Durham, Andrew Everett
Apparently the center itself was set in the middle of a large canyon-a canyon big enough to contain an airstrip for helicopter landings.
"This Crowded Earth"
Robert Bloch
Specimens were collected in rainforestlike vegetation at a small cenote, in low deciduous forest, and at our camp along a large, cleared airstrip four kilometers west-southwest of the village.
"Summer Birds From the Yucatan Peninsula"
Erwin E. Klaas

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