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The word mole has various synonyms, including beauty mark, birthmark, nevus, melanocytic naevi, and freckle. Each of these terms refers to small, dark-colored spots or patches on the skin. While freckles are typically the result of sun exposure, moles or nevi may be hereditary or caused by abnormal cell growth. Birthmarks, on the other hand, are typically present at birth and can range in size and color. The term beauty mark is often used to describe a mole that is located in a prominent or attractive location on the face, such as above the lip or on the cheek.

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Moles are fascinating creatures and can be found all over the world. They are small rodent-like mammals that have a fur coat and a large head with a pointed nose. Moles are excellent diggers and can go down deep under ground to excavate their nests. They eat insects and other small creatures.

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